Growing Older without Aging

California Age Management Institute: Anti-Aging to Fit Your Needs

The professionals at California Age Managment Institute know that anti-aging is the priority for so many people.  While aging is natural, it can be managed. Addressing dysfunctional systems can slow the process and allow you to regain lost youthfulness and vigor.   The goal is consistent  — turn the clock back 10-15 years.   So many patients will say, “I feel like me again.”

Your Biological Clock: Resetting the Hands of Time

Your biological clock is what, metaphorically, controls the aging process. After resetting it, you will experience improvements in your overall well-being. This includes your general health, your mood, and your cognitive processes (mental quickness). Resetting your biological clock requires time and diligence.  This includes:

  1. Decreasing the rate at which your body ages
  2. Halting a selection of aging processes
  3. Optimizing nutrition
  4. Restoring digestive vigor
  5. Restoring hormonal vigor
  6. Reducing glycation
  7. Increasing methylation

By optimizing these steps, the anti-aging programs at the Institute are able to provide you with a long list of benefits. Some of these include:

  1. Reducing the aging of brain cells
  2. Improving the moisture, texture, and tightness of the skin
  3. Increasing energy levels, immune system vigor, and sexual and physical performance
  4. Enhancing muscle tone while decreasing body fat
  5. Improved youthfulness and vigor
  6. Cognitive enhancement (thinking more clearly)
  7. Pursuit of happiness and peacefulness

By resetting your biological clock, California Age Management Institute can alter your biochemistry. The results of such a treatment are significant.  Patients have voiced their satisfaction through countless testimonials and thank you cards. The fountain of youth has eluded humans for millennia but may now lay on the visible horizon.   A comprehensive and structured anti-aging program can slow the aging process and improve your sense of well-being.

The thorough and comprehensive diagnostic and testing stage of an anti-aging program is integral to its success. It is during this phase of evaluation that your strengths, deficiencies and imbalances are revealed. This includes:

  1. Biologic age
  2. Biomarkers of aging
  3. Hormonal profile
  4. Cardiovascular risk
  5. Diabetic risk
  6. Thyroid/Adrenal profiling
  7. Anti-oxidant status
  8. Bone demineralization
  9. Inflammatory biomarkers
  10. Micro-nutrient profile
  11. Cognitive function  (thinking)

California Age Management Institute: Putting Science to Work

The Institute offers three plans: Platinum, Gold, and Silver.  The appropriate plan is determined by your level of interest and devotion to assimilate changes in your lifestyle and daily routines for the next 20-30 years of your life.  You chose the plan most appropriate for you by consulting with the Institute’s patient coordinator.

The professionals at California Age Management Institute are proud of the work they accomplish. Directed by Dr. Miller, the team at California Age Management Institute is on the cutting-edge of anti-aging science. Always 5-10 years ahead of conventional medicine.   This is why the center is positioned as the leader in the field.  California Age Management Institute encourages you to consider how resetting your biological clock could change your life.    It could be the most significant change you have ever undertaken.